Shakti Coin

Joining Shakti Network and Installing SOMA on Windows OS

The steps in this document guide you to Join SXE Network by installing SOMA on your device/machine which runs on Windows OS. Follow the steps below:
  1. 1.
    Click the Join SXE Network
    button on top of the page. Download script page opens.
  2. 2.
    Download the script file.
If you have already downloaded this script and run it, Click on Skip.
2. Run the "check.OS.cmd" by double-clicking on the file, which is in your Downloads.
3. Script would take you to the Docker download webpage.
5. Download Windows (Stable) file.
6. Run "Docker Desktop Installer.exe" file by doule-clicking on the file, it is present in your machine.
7. Click on Run.
8. Make sure both the boxes are "Ticked". Click Ok at the bottom of the page.
9. Start Docker by double-clicking on "Docker Application" which is on your Desktop.
10. Next, the page to enter the registered email address opens.
11. Enter the email address which you have registered with Shakti Coin. Click Continue
12. Enter the OTP token. The OTP will be sent to the email address you registered and entered. Click Continue
13. The Last step page opens .
14. Next, choose your subscription from the drop-down.
15. Click the Fetch Node IP Address
button. The IP address of your computer/machine will be automatically fetched and displayed.
16. Click the Create Node Name
button. Automatically a unique Node Name will be generated for you that will be used to join the SXE network.
17. Click the Fetch Node Port Number
button. Automatically your port number is fetched and displayed.
18. Choose OS.
19. Download the windows script.
20. UnZip the "".
20. Run the "minerInstall_Windows.cmd" which is in your Downloads.
21. Upload the "key.json" file that has been downloaded on your PC in the Join the Network Web Page.
21. Click on "Join the Shakti Network".