Join the Shakti Network with SOMA

Joining SXE Network

To join the Shakti Network, you need to go to our website and register as a miner. The process of joining the SXE network has been laid down below.

Registering to Shakti Network

  1. Enter your valid email address in the field provided and click Continue.

2. You will receive a confirmation mail to the email ID you used to register to the SXE network.

3. Next, choose the country for adding the country code and enter your valid mobile number in the field provided and click Continue.

4. You will receive an OTP (One Time Pin) to the mobile number you used to register.

5. Next, set a password for your account with Shakti Coin and login to your account. The password should have a minimum of 8 characters and should have a uppercase character, lowercase character, number and symbols to have maximum strength.

Login and Selecting the Mining License

  1. Login to your Shakti account using your Email address and password.

You will be taken to the Mining Licenses page. Here you will have the option to select from various Licenses and manage subscription intervals. For more information on the Mining Licenses click here.

2. Click on the subscription which you are comfortable with. The page for adding your billing address opens.

3. Enter your address in all the fields provided and click Confirm and Pay.

4. Enter the credit card details in the fields provided and click Subscribe. You will receive a mail of confirmation of subscription to the mining license.

Joining SXE Network for different OS

Depending on the OS on which you are installing the SOMA choose one of the below options

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