SOMA - (Self Onboarding Mining Application) Installation on Windows Server 2019 (Azure)

Installation of SOMA on the cloud environment on Windows Server 2019 (MS Azure)

In this document, we have demonstrated how to create a Windows virtual machine and and install SOMA on Windows Server 2019 on MS Azure. Here, for the demonstration purposes we have used the bare minimum configurations which are required to run install and run SOMA.

Signing Up for Microsoft Azure

  1. Create an account in the Microsoft Azure.

  2. Next, login to your account MS Azure portal. Find more information on creation of Windows virtual machine.

Creating Windows Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure

  1. Select Virtual Machine.

2. Create a Resource group.

3. Add Instance Details.

4. Give Username and Password.

5. Add Inbound ports, and click on Review+Create.

6. Connect to the VM.

Installing Docker

  1. On the Windows desktop, click the Start button and type in any part of the name 'Windows PowerShell' or any terminal of your choice.

  2. Right-click Windows PowerShell and select Run as Administrator.

  3. To install Hyper-V on a server to which you are connected remotely, run the following command.

Install-WindowsFeature -Name Hyper-V 
-IncludeManagementTools –Restart

4. Now, install the Docker.

Install-Module DockerProvider Install-Package 
Docker -ProviderName DockerProvider -RequiredVersion preview

5. Enable Linux Kit system for running Linux containers.

[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("LCOW_SUPPORTED", "1", "Machine")

6. Now Restart your Computer.


7. Pull the Shakti (SOMA) Docker image.

docker pull sxeshakticoin/testnet:latest

8. Get the SOMA Docker Image ID.

docker images

9. Run the SOMA container with portnumber = >1024, NODE_NAME=That is generated from Shakti portal, docker-image-id= image_id you get from previous command.

docker run -d -p <port-number>:<port-number> --env NODE_NAME=<node-name> --mount type=bind,source=$(pwd),target=/shakti <docker-image-id>

Ex: sudo docker run -p 8765:8765 -d --env NODE_NAME=dockernode01 --mount type=bind,source=$(pwd),target=/shakti 8030aaaef48b

10. View the Private and Public Keys to connect to the Shakti Network.

cat shakticoin-poe-server.keys

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