SOMA- (Self Onboarding Mining Application) Installation on MacBooK

Installation of SOMA on Mac OS device

In this document, we have demonstrated how to install Docker (a container necessary for the installation of SOMA) and then instalation of SOMA.

Docker Installation

1. Search for "Docker Desktop for Mac".

Find more information about Docker Desktop for Mac.

2. Click on Get Docker.

3. Drag and drop the Docker file to Applications folder.

4. Double-click and open the Docker.

SOMA Installation

Once Docker is installed on your system, you can begin SOMA installation by opening the terminal in your MacBook.

  1. Check whether the Docker is installed.

docker --version

2. Install the Docker Image on your device/instance.

docker pull sxeshakticoin/testnet:latest

3. Get the SOMA Docker Image ID.

docker images

4. Set the path for installation.


5. Run SOMA on your machine/instance.

docker run -d -p <port-number>:<port-number> --env NODE_NAME=<node-name> --mount type=bind,source=$(pwd),target=/shakti <docker-image-id>

Example: sudo docker run -p 8765:8765 -d --env NODE_NAME=dockernode01 --mount type=bind,source=$(pwd),target=/shakti 8030aaaef48b

6. Get the public key & unique node name for SOMA input fields.

cat shakticoin-poe-server.keys

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